Dreams and Imagination

All of us dream because humans are born dreamers; we dream about all the things, good and bad, that leave an impression on our mind. There is a very fine line to distinguish between dreams and imagination; in fact, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two.

When young, you would envision yourself having all sorts of amazing magical powers that would allow you to perform awe-inspiring feats that your wonderstruck friends, foes and family. Maybe, I can do things that no one can even think of.


Maybe, I can even fly; yes, this is the most often repeated dream of children both while sleeping and otherwise. In fact, this fantasy has been instrumental in causing some grievous injuries to infants and growing children whose imagination included the misplaced notion that they could fly. Instances of children coming down to earth (pun intended) while attempting to fly are not really rare.

Yes, I am also one of those worthies who had the mistaken, though convincing notion that if a bird can fly, so can I. Hence, like any other pumped-up youngster, I took the plunge (or, rather, the jump).


After jumping off the top of the staircase at the age of four, I could finally re-convince myself that there was no truth in my fantastic belief. Yes, my injuries were grim reminders that I could not fly for nuts nor could I in reality.


Oh! I love sleeping especially when they are so heart-warming and so profoundly pleasing. Sometimes, sleeping can be so magical and enjoyable that they seem more like reality.


The fantasy world is also famous for providing you all the imaginary tools and weapons that you could muster in your flights of imagination.


Believe me, the experience of actually flying around, even if it is part of a blissful dream, can be a sublime one. The exultation one feels through the enjoyment of flying through the universe without any hindrance or fear is a novelty in itself; and, what is more, you can assume any shape according to your subconscious will while donning the shimmering robes to suit the farthest flight of your imagination.


The beauty of the whole episode is that you need not consciously stretch your imagination anymore; your stored fantasies and your versatile imagination takes awesome, unimaginable flights in all the directions.


All the while, you keep cruising around at unimaginable speeds accelerating around the skyline like a streak of lightening. Imagination does not restrict you to speeds lower than the speed of light.


Your physical pain no longer exist, your emotions are no longer limited as you continue to fly throughout the galaxy looking for what there is, looking for what you can do; since everything is possible, you go to visit exotic locations, across vast stretches of oceans, peep into the womb of volcanoes while flying over them feeling the volcano heat steaming up and warming the cockles of your singing heart.


And suddenly, you find yourself imagining that you are a giant like Hercules or The Hulk walking over the top of Rocky Mountains. Feeling how it feels to lord over the world without the possibility of any harm, knowing the smell that directly can link you to the image that caused the smell.


This, as we are aware, is not at all possible with the human body that we possess. That is the reason why, when we leave our body, we are just simply air and energy floating around.


It was while jumping over the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur that I met my friend.  And while we were sitting there, I exhorted him “Go on! Let’s just jump down” and my mind was prompting me

that I was afraid of the rush, the fall and the heights. But, I quite forgot that we were not using our physical bodies while we jumped and that there will not be any impact or any broken bones; just the rush of air and the sheer exhilaration of the drop.

I never said it is going to be easy, but I can tell you how to live just for today; you aim who you want to be and behave in the manner you choose.


I’m not asking you to spend loads of money or devote the majority of your time. Most people get it wrong; people are mistaken in their approach to love and affection.


You need to realize that the correct approach teaches you that people should be loved and things should be used; emotionally and physically.


What if happiness was the currency? How would you live?


I often wonder what I would have done differently in this life. So many optional answers pop up into my mind, I could say many things but in my heart of hearts; I know that, if I did not walk those walks I would never be who I’m today and who I’m going to be tomorrow.


In case we opt for a life without confusion or one bereft of challenges, we will never change; we will never open doors to new things and most people never will, because they are afraid to allow happiness in their life.


Start seeing the world from within not from the outside because you can only attempt to control from within. What helps me each day to reach a happier day is by lowering or stopping my expectations; to avoid disappointment, stop expecting and start accepting.


Everyone is at different level of consciousness, there is a certain stage which, when you reach it will alter your intent and to only speak the truth; you need not convince others of it.

Why does the fear still exist even though we are not using our body? No harm will come to us even if we jump off the bridge where we sat; it was so much fun to jump down and feel the rush while no harm would be done you since you might land on your feet, on your head, fall completely flat or just take a big step down as you can imagine your leg is extending and reaching the ground level.


In the wonderland that your dream takes you to you may not hear conversations but, you see a lot of images in one fleeting second and sometimes, when it gets too crazy, you hear a loud shout or simply wake up with a few thoughts in your head; and, you just wonder where it all came from.


After awhile, we got better at it and we could train ourselves to decide what time to meet on the bridge of KL Tower; sometimes, before we go there, we decide to do some tricks, visit some people, ask questions and see what happens.


And once, we planned to look for Einstein too, the guy whose brilliance and brain were miraculous; no wonder he appeared with millions of bright stars but uttered very few words.


We took a long flight across many oceans and distant lands to discover the meaning of life. We ended up going back in time and seeing our past lives. Suffice it say that I never got the answers of why we have to live in this kind of humanity.


It is an overwhelming feeling of bliss to be in this transitional, make-believe world which is surreal but leaves you with the enjoyment of a lifetime. You are on top of this world because it is your journey; you can do whatever you want and you are the absolute master of all you survey.

You begin to realize that everyone has their own path; in other words, you cannot convince a baby that they should be walking when they are at the stage of crawling.


Trying to convince them otherwise is irrelevant, even if it is the truth.


Could it be that, those that wish to expend energy trying to get others to see their way of thinking, are actually trying to convince themselves of their own ideas?