Resurrection in Egypt with Stewart Pearce

Resurrection in Egypt with Stewart Pearce.

Do not accept unequivocally what you read, do not reject outright what you read; just play with it and see how it aligns with you.

Does it excite you? Or, does your mind tell you that it is just a dream? Or, that it is just your imagination running riot.

Would you like to emerge from the floating realms of the imaginary dreamland which is basically just a figment of your wild imagination; or, would you like to move to the firm world of reality?

Is it something that you want to experience too?

Some useful words I used in Egypt:

  • Inshallah – if God desires,
  • Ahlan – Hi.
  • Iowa – Yes,
  • La – No ,
  • Ya Basha – Lord/sir/pasha (This always makes someone smile, use this mostly after saying thank you),
  • Shukran – Thank you ,
  • Afowan – Welcome ,
  • Tmam – Good,
  • Ya amoura – beautiful (amar means moon, as beautiful as the moon)

No small planes and talking to Saudis. It’s just me, empty seats and my Fendi monster in the hood! IMG_3426I kept thinking why this was so; the only conclusion that I could draw was a naughty one.IMG_3453

I guess no one wants to go to Egypt; it kept bugging me for sometime but I cast the thoughts aside. Why dwell on insignificant matters? As far as I am concerned; either way, it is great for me!

When I landed here in Luxor from Doha, the warm winds created a burning sensation in my eyes.

It was the sweet singing and chattering of beautiful birds that I first heard when I woke up at 4 AM. It was an awesome beginning to a lovely morning at a fantastic new destination.

The famous Valley of the Kings sprawled out in front of me when I walked out into the balcony. The most awesome aspect was the speedy breeze which was blowing constantly and had been making a howling sound during the night.IMG_3498IMG_3504

Then, it dawned on me that it was, in all probability, a sand storm.

In the morning, while performing my daily regimen of meditation on the balcony, I could feel the winds just swirling around me and hugging me close like two big wings of feather.

And, early in the morning, I’m entertained by the staff including the chefs in the hotel. I find that it is always so easy to make even virtual strangers smile; you just have to go and speak their language, they simply love it.

As far as I am concerned, I am madly in love with the Middle East; I make my way and partake of my breakfast outdoors with the bands of birds providing me some magical accompaniment, they seem to be everywhere that I go to.

I had two days on my own before the rest arrive; I was lucky enough to have my agent pick me up and took me to lunch at a restaurant which looked like a residential house, and the eating joint was on a rooftop which was called Sofras.

We spoke at length about how media always portraits things in a variety of ways and quite often ends up conveying a diagonally opposite picture which might be radically different view of what the country actually is like.

There are always good and bad people in every part of the world, but, to me Egypt felt perfectly safe; it is just the manipulative media that, for obvious reasons, likes to put some fear in people’s thoughts.

If you have never been to a particular country, I suggest that you do the exploring yourself and take notes from your own experiences in the country personally. I think those people should refrain from speaking about such things and allow people to draw conclusions from their experience.

Finally, the other members of my group arrived in the evening; I was so excited to meet them that I decided to go pick them up.

Day 1. Begins with Karnak temple 

The temples are believed to be energy points for each chakra. We went to the temple during day and as also night to feel the difference that the sunlight or the darkness conveys to a beholder. The sun rejuvenates us with its enriching energies while the moon makes us feel romantic and serene.

Day 2

We took a long ride to Aswan, then a short boat ride to Philae Temple of Isis. The whole Island is dedicated to the beautiful mother goddess Isis. We did a ritual there.

Our first Chakra:

  • Creation,
  • Survival,
  • Lust and lesson,
  • Our core Identity.

In the afternoon we went to Edfu -Temple of Horus the son of Isis and Osiris; Horus is the sky God (Falcon-headed) whose eyes were the sun and the moon. Horus avenged his Father’s death in the great battle of Edfu. Seth was sent into exile and Horus took over the throne with Osiris reigning through him from the underworld.

Thus, all the Pharaohs claimed that they were the incarnation of Horus. This temple is connected with our relationship chakra:

Our second chakra:

  • Our higher & lower selves,
  • The darkness & the light, and
  • Of finding a harmonious union within ourselves; hence, our relationship chakra.


Day 3 The Valley of the Kings aka The Valley of the living.

While walking in and entering this amazing valley, we had this feeling of walking with our hands. When we were inside, we saw the Scarab beetle walking on its hands.

Most of the tombs are not open to public. While in the tomb, it was interesting to notice that I was feeling upset that the bodies are being taken away from the tombs; I know for a fact that, in ancient times, the mummification was undertaken because of the popular belief that the body was the house of the soul.

I had this thought that the mummies must had been upset with those who helped in the mummification process and those who created the spells on the wall did not keep them safe and protected inside the tombs.

We then went for a drive to a tomb where there was absolutely no one. We walked down lower and lower. We completed our ritual and finished our vocal meditation in total darkness.

I felt that I had gained a lot of personal understandings and deep insights out of it.


Day 4 

I woke up at 4 AM again and, with my palm burning my tummy, it was very comforting. All morning my eyes had been really funny and weird; I had an issue with really seeing things.

Our day started with Luxor Museum, I had this idea to use my burning palms to sense the energy the statue contained, I followed someone who used her palms to sense the statues too.

It was a very interesting practice that you could sense as to which chakra was the strongest. I was fascinated with my new findings; by understanding which chakra was the strongest, you could find out what kind of a person they were, and what their strengths and duties were.

Every time I would use my palm to sense a statue first; then, we would read and we would be pleased to find that we were correct every time. My capability blew my mind and I finally let go of all my beliefs and logic.

And, lo and behold! Moments later, I found my handsome lover Thutmosis 3 right there; the feelings I got from it makes me giggle, it is just unexplainable.

The rest of the day was just being playful like an innocent child. Over lunch, some of us had crystals, I had a black Hematite bracelet, someone had a magical looking dark stone and another had a playful skeleton head who loves to be on a throne flying a spaceship and putting happy spells on people.

In the afternoon, we went to Luxor Temple the residence of the 3rd and 4th chakra. The Luxor temple complex possesses powerful, magic potential, revealing power, control and ego. Ancient Egyptians believed that intelligence and will were situated in the heart; and, when the heart is open our spiritual selves will be revealed.

I was told that the temple is full of orbs; I thought that I must be totally bereft of magic since I did not see anything. Later that evening, I saw how much higher the poles were shooting the reflections up the sky. I was told to have a soft focus, my eyes saw it all, I saw the orbs and more so my camera; wherever I pointed it, a cross kept following me.

That evening, when I came back to the hotel I experienced something that I had I never experienced before. I just had to grab someone I trusted, so that I could tell her what was going on.

All my senses were going crazy, my body was shaking and the cells were undergoing a change, suddenly, I was able to see auras around people, I could feel their energies, I could see different lights in the sky, I could see people’s energy, I could look deep in the sky and would understand why back in the days people did not need to use massive telescopes and were able to see what is up there.

It was suddenly obvious that some people’s mind were so loud that I could hear them (people sometimes forget when they are psychic that other people are psychic too and can hear them too and that is what my friend Gail stated).

This feeling was so extraordinary like an endless connection and pure love that was running through my body. I believe that most people would not be able to handle this sudden discovery within them.

Most people don’t believe that they can be endlessly joyful, content and happy. It doesn’t mean you don’t have other emotions, it just means you know how to dream with your emotions in a right healthy way.

Self reflection is so important for the soul. We need to understand what we are made of what is this Jenny (me) made of; and, what are our liabilities and assets.

What part of my personality no longer serves me in the right direction and what part of my personality creates conflicts with the world and then willing to let that part of you die and replace it with an asset.

It made me understand all my daily practice, all the efforts that I had made for fearless self searching inventory is worth it, all the pain I went through and pain has made me a stronger person. I also had the ability to forgive those who had intentionally harmed me and to learn from that.

The mind is such a dangerous place, often when you bear ill-will for people, it either happens to you, happening in the moment or going to happen to you, so be careful what you think and manifest in your life it is not other people that make things happen to you, time to grow up and watch your mind, watch your thoughts, everything happens for a reason.

We all have magic, the only difference is that you need to know the following:

  • Where is your devotion?
  • Where is your loyalty and self belief?

I imagine back in the day

All the magic inside the pyramid is accessed through a pure heart and the right sound, at some point I was focusing on a light plastic spoon and see if I could tell it to fly.

This trip confirms that all the astral travel I did was true. Telepathically communicating with people exists; I have done it before, I somehow know it is stored in me, finding messages where I stored centuries ago, to make sure to continue what I learned, leaving a message telepathically in an area who ever walks by a certain area all the random creations I do was an actual practice in the ancient Egypt time.

Day 5 

I woke up again at 3 AM with a thought that all humans crave to find a deeper meaning in life, crying for a oneness with our creator deep down inside.

We traveled to the Temple of Hathor, the 5th Chakra ‘self-expression’. The richness of the blue and gold, the feeling of ancient magic was stored here as if from another world.

Her beauty and abundance, you could just feel it; the height of its building makes you wonder how they used to put all those painting and makings up so high.

Did they really use their hands and a ladder to get up there?

After reading the book ‘Omm Sety’ we went to Abydos, the temple of Sety the 1st to open our 6th chakra the visionary abilities or spiritual discernment. It is linked to the death of the god Osiris and his rebirth which was manifested by unconditional love of Isis.

At the back of the temple there is a green pool; Osireion head is believed to be buried there.

No one can explain where the water comes from. There is ‘the flower of life’ printed on the wall (the book ‘flower of life by Drunavalo Malchizedek). I cannot help but to think that gods and priests used to practice their rituals there to communicate with different worlds.


Day 6 

Queen Hatshepsut Palace in Deir el-Bahari is considered to be ‘the holiest of the holy’; she was the only female Pharaoh, and, she ruled over Egypt for 21 years. Then we went to Madinat Habu (Habu is connected with the word hbw which means Ibis, the scared bird of Thoth) temple of Thoth master of magic, mystery, language, Alchemy, scared Geomerty, numbers, time, medicine and mystery schools.

We went to Ramesseum temple of Ramses II, it felt like it used to be a mysterious school.

It was Thoth who created the manifest universe using the magical power of language and song. There, inside the temple room we did a sound ritual. That experience I will just keep to myself; it was just amazing where I was transported to.

Day 7 

Today is the big day, we are flying to Cairo. We had a sumptuous and delicious lunch; we were not too full as we were going inside the Pyramid. I couldn’t help but feel emotional when arriving at the Sphinx and the Pyramids.

It was a feeling that was telling me that I knew this place and that I have been here. As if I knew what is under there. The word that popped in my head was I’m home and I want to continue what I once practiced.

I could just see myself walking inside the Sphinx conducting my initiations where the judges would be.

We hired the Pyramids for two hours to perform our rituals. Deep down under squaring and crawling down and down, deep below. The excitement was indicating that all those emotions were building up.

Sometimes, we were in darkness but this time it felt good to be there, as if we were meant to be there. Being there felt as if it wasn’t about me or us; it was about the greater unity of this world, it was about raising a higher consciousness of this world.

If I had the ability to experience the extreme sense of my whole being, why can others not experience it too? Communicating without speaking, sensing our energy, being connected to the world and the universe.

I could feel such an explosion of love and oneness. After completing our ritual in the depths, it was time to crawl and run up and up, higher to the king’s chamber and be resurrected in the kings chamber inside the red marble Sarcophagus, which enables us to open the 7th and 8th chakra – the centers of spiritual enlightenment and the universal heart.

Day 8 

The next day my meditation was just effortless, my mind was just downloading all the information, all the alignments of my life and my purpose in life, I was so filled with love, light, joy and dance that I needed time to dance all my energy off and meditate to ground myself again.

I practiced on my breathing to ground myself and control my excitements. I felt so proud of myself in terms of my daily 12-step recovery practice is proven me the right path in life.

  • I would not choose another life.
  • I know my shadows/darkness,
  • I know how it feels,
  • I know how it killed me,
  • I know how dark life can bring me,
  • I know how to get out of it,
  • I can relate to those who still suffers,
  • I can feel their pain, their darkest fear and
  • I can reach my hand to them without fear and, with my experience, pull them up with me on the salty boat if they are willing to be helped.

We took a falcon on the Nile and had a calm sunset ride to close the day.

Day 9 

We woke up at 3 AM to leave the hotel to do a touristic air balloon on the West side. To fly above the Valley of the Kings, we visited the souk and later we had a powerful closing ceremony in the Karnak temple in Sekhmet chapel (goddess of healing and warrior ship) where Stewart evoked Sekhmet’s love, zeal and bravery to honour and venerate our journey. Magic was all around us and within us.

Reflecting on the journey no longer makes me question myself if all I know is but dreams and imaginations.