Past Life Regression – Brian Weiss – Omega

Past Life Regression

Finally I’m going to Brain Weiss workshop. Over one year ago I was on the ‘waiting list’ now I’m finally going to take his workshop in person. I first read his book (Many masters, many lives) about 10 years ago. A client of mine gave his book as a present. This book changed my point of view on spirituality and opened a door for me.

Two hour drive from upper east side New York to Rhinebeck Omega. It was a beautiful drive reminded me a little bit of New Hempshire. I was received at the entry of the car park by a man I think he was Howard, he said something about the time of female uprising. I knew I was in the right place. When I was about to check in I notice the deepest clean blue eyes that looked so pure. These little signs gave me joy.

Omega a beautiful Pure place, a place that I have always dreamed of. A way of living, I see smiles everywhere, people looking in the eyes and not shy away. Little grids of crystals with different messages in place. Flowers were big, I’m smelling the fresh air and also each tree, flower, plant had a beautiful attractive aroma. They had full Vegan meals, I even brought my own chia seeds and essential oil which I end up not needing it. I was just perfect in this beautiful environment.

My Rose Merkabah
After the orientation, introduction into the First night I participated a shamanic sound healing with Rich Goodhart, the sounds that took me on a journey. The Sounds that vibrated through my body. The sounds that cleanses me, Cleanses my thoughts, cleanses, and brings me back to the now, pure love, pure light.

The night got colder I felt blessed they had a Sauna. The sky was full of stars absolutely clear and I saw two flames dancing and merging together it made me think of me and my friend Gail, everyday I have been doing a lesson a day out of ‘Course of Miracle’. My eyes has been really interesting at time I see auras at times I feel the energies so powerful. My meditation go deep. So grounded as if I have grew burning stems on my feet with the core of Mother Earth. I feel save to go deep when I’m with my friend Ramanish who I fell in love with and I’m always with him my labradorite Skull.
I woke up at 5am I did my sonic sound meditation with Stewart Pearce, Frankincense and of course Ramanish by my side. Did Tai Chi/Qigong with Rich G.

Dr. Brian Weiss

The course had 150 participants it was a lot of people but it was really comfortable. 50% of professionals and other 50% were healers and body workers. People were coming from all over the world to be here. Everyday we did questions and answers but what I love the most was we would do pass life regression as a group or with a partner.
I was leaded into deep hypnosis going in deep, deep and deeper. Having the right questions is so important and having someone doing it to you is so different from meditation.

After my delicious Vegan Lunch I lay on the grass far away from people. I had Galena placed on my 3rd eye, I was trying to channel in when It didn’t seem to work (using stones was new to me), I let go and suddenly It sucked me in and guided me into a life where I was a great clairvoyance, I knew how to use energy and channel them, the spells and messages I could whisper in objects once the message is in the object when people walk pass or touch the object they would receive it. That was a very dark dark life where people strive and killed for power and status. I had a few more pass life experience but I won’t go into all that till the next post.

Dinner time I met another very interesting person Scott Feinberg who was teaching -Heal the heart, calm the mind. Mantras and yoga posses ! Something I have been playing around with on my own but seeing someone actually exploring it and to have a conversation about it with me absolutely blows my mind.

There are so many different techniques to get someone first to relax and go into their past life. Everyday I learned a new technique. Then how to find out if a person can be easily Hypnotised by simply doing an eye test,or hand test, understanding what the dominating senses are and use that as a direction point of conversation and leading them deeper in Hypnotic state, Staircase countdown.   I was amazed how you also could get people into their pass life by having a normal constructive conversation.
Conscious and subconscious mind The conscious mind is like a gate keeper for your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind holds all the beliefs. thats why when we want to get to the past we first need to relax and allow our conscious mind to calm down and not judge but to just observe, just let the images reveal to us that are hidden deep within us and trust that we are meant to see it. There is no logic to it but if you receive understanding, emotional realise from it and lessons learn, then it doesn’t matter whether if it is real or fantasy.

Omega is a very welcoming place, I was looking for Kirtan and someone pointed me where Lake theatre is I went inside and they were playing games and instantly someone pulled a chair out for me to join them. They were playing ‘have you ever’, next game we then stood in a circle and introduced our name with a physical motion and everyone had to copy that, I have to say I remember most people’s name after that. We were partner up and had to get to know 2 things about someone and then go around with our partner to the other couples and introduce our partner. Next game Rock, paper, scissor – egg, chicken, dinosaur to ‘stop in the name of love’, I don’t think I need to explain this I just laugh all the way through. Story telling based on the topic with the help of your partner. Before it had to end Howard asked – ‘think of what you want to get out of this time you are working here’? I realised it was a staff class. We laugh so much after discovering that I was a guest.

The following night I finally made it to Kritan listen and sang and listen, sang and danced. Such a freedom, so filled with joy. We didn’t want it to end so Charlotte and I we decided to ran out to the lake, beach, cartwheeled, stood on our heads,hands in the cold air, night filled with stars and moon so full, so filled, so free, so much love, we shared so much joy, Life is a gift. In the early morning when the sun was rising we did our asanas, meditation and mantras.

We exchange a object that meant a lot to us I Exchanged with Zan. I never thought of picking up someone’s object and having the ability to read their story from that. Receiving images of what the other person went through.

I always wanted to know who I was in my past life and meet my soul tribe and know if i’m with the right soul tribe right this moment. I have come to understand it is not what happened in the past or whether you are with the right soul tribe or if you can see your family in the other lives. It is seeing your past learn from it and move on. The biggest awakening for me has been suddenly understanding all the lives I have lived and all the knowledge I have gained in all lives use it in this life. It is all the lessons we can bring to our grave (to our next life). My life is just unfolding piece by piece like a force pulling me, like my steps are being told where to walk. All the lives I have lived in, all the remembering of all lives is not separating all the bodies I have lived it is making it all ‘ONE’ remembering it all that there is only one soul that lived in all those bodies.

This workshop Brian Weiss in Omega was just outstanding I would love to be there again in that beautiful peaceful sanctuary and walking on that hill top labyrinth.