Awakening the Illuminated heart

Awakening The illuminated heart By Lu Ka Teacher from School of Remembering (Drunvalo Melchizedek)



Shortly after Egypt and seeing Flower of Life print at most ancient places of Egypt. I want to know more. I joined the school of remembering. The first workshop was going to be in two weeks time and it was going to happen in Hong Kong, a little beautiful sanctuary called Inner Space. They had amazing crystals, flower of life patterns and many more that I love so much. Coincidences or in other words meant to happen…



From What I know what the workshop may be :

  •  Journey to the Sacred space of the heart
  • Entering the tiny space and connecting with the source of all creation
  •  Opening the third eye
  •  Creating from the heart a new world
  • Remember who you really are and what you are really capable of.
  • Heal your traumas, emotional hurts, resentments.
  • Experience the incredible power of forgiving from your heart.
  • Shift from fear to Love.
  • Remember your own light body, your Merkaba and activate it, to bring it to its full potential.
  • Activate the beams of light around your head and the Golden Halo.
  • Remember how to communicate with your Higher part of Consciousness.
  • Tap into the world of inner Imagery with School of Imagery exercises.
  • Shift from manifesting from duality to Heart manifestation from Unity.
  • Learn how to create and live the life of happiness and bliss.

Day 1 

The day of remembering

He explained about our human Consciousness everything is actually explained in the movie Spirit science – human history  so it was a good thing that I watched it so many times before attending this workshop.

I looked around me most were Chinese people. I have a father that comes from a traditional village family in Hong Kong. I say this as I know that chinese people DO NOT hug, you show no emotions it is only for the weak, and mostly pride is everything.

I thought to myself how will this work? We had a ceremony Lu Ka passed a Big Clear Crystal once you hold it, you share your name and whatever that comes out that brough you to the workshop.

We held hands connected with eachother, creating unity breath, connecting to mother earth and father sky, connecting all our hearts and become one inviting our god/goddess.

Afternoon we partnered up with crossed legged knees touching we had blackout eye mask. I Try to feel how the energy field of the person feels opposite of me and not be attached to any judgement, just let the images come. After we took our masks off and stare straight in the eyes of our partner and find that sacred space without loosing contact of that space. The face of my partner started to change and change and change and showed me many different faces at times symbols on the forehead or different lights from the face.

Another practice back to back with my partner I created unity breath with mother earth and father sky, into my own heart. I Shifted my innerself a seat back, my partner did the same we combined with eachother to breath from one tube. It was incredible when we had to separate it felt like magnets not wanting to separate.



Day 2 

The day of Healing

Sound, Vibration, Geometry, Numbers and Colors So much to learn my brain just felt like a sponge. I couldn’t have enough of it. If only I was as attentive in school. It was mind-blowing for me. Nature by Number I can not even describe how awakening this experience was for me to see how everything in the world is connected and all end up at the same spot Flower of Life.

Afternoon we went through Rebirthing Process. Some people as soon as they go into the heart they jump right back out as there is too much pain and traumas so you have to heal the heart first. It reminded me so much of Egypt. In ancient time healing was not only done by energies, intentions but also through sounds.

6 people in one group – baby will be on the bed just resting, mother’s hand on the baby’s head, father’s hand on baby’s foot, other 3 will be on the different side. We all were in blackout and use our 3rd eye. Voice saying OM, body feeling the vibrations, heart sending healing and love intentions, inner eye receiving images. At some point I got so high as if I was completely no longer in control of my body and I floated to the in between world where the sound became all one. I don’t really have the words to describe this but… what an experience. I was healed more by treating then to be treated. Each position that babies has given me was so different. The baby had to choose where everyone sat, the baby also had organite on the heart chakra.


Day 3

Returning into the heart

Our eyes as usual blinded. shoulders next to eachother head pointing towards eachother and forming a circle, laying down. with unity breath, moving our visions to king’s chamber in Egypt’s Pyramid.

Next – Finding a partner with our eyes covered. My fingers tips touching my partners tips, we allowed the music flow in our body and feel eachothers partners energy. we would separate and after we find eachother again to the tips of eachothers fingers.

next – Inner circle stands still outer circles moves once we done connecting with the heart and look deep in eachothers eyes, faces change and understanding comes. with every person I saw a different face, I even saw a baby face in someone where the head got extremely small.

We spend time talking about living in the heart and how to go into our sacred space in the heart then to the tiny space (when I got in there it was infinity just like the universe, it was so comforting that I did not want to come out) . Something I never knew was the tip of our tongue that touches the roof of our mouth it sexually stimulates the brain with alpha waves it is the key to higher consciousness –  The opening of the third eye (Pineal Gland).

Understanding the Halo around our head (Beans of Light), how to connect the beams back to pineal gland and make the beams back to focus.

Day 4

The Merkaba Day

Merkaba easy explanation is a soul vehicle

Mer – Ka – Ba   Counter Rotation field – Spirit – Body

We started with opening the beams of lights. We traveled all over with our Merkaba. I saw so many images flashes and received so many messages. When we all came out of the meditation we all though it was maybe around 5-10 minutes but we were there for 45 minutes.  We did alot in this workshop, so much that I’m unable to write it all.

We closed with a Beautiful forgiveness meditation. This is a beautiful one and an easy one.

Go into your heart imagine you are in a temple wearing all white. You see all those people who you may have harmed or where you got harmed. look deep into their eyes forgive them. For most people parents are the most tearful one… for me.. maybe I have already done so many times forgiveness, shadow works… I’m very familiar with this practice. I saw my parents I send them love. I saw a few more other people I send them love too. Something I never experience were my pets when I was a teenager I was never home. I looked them deep in the eyes I forgave them but truly, I forgave myself ! My heart was filled with joy and love while I end up playing and hugging my dogs who are no longer here.

By the end of the workshop we all felt so connected, gave eachother hugs, look into eachothers eyes. I did not want this to end, It was truly a beautiful experience.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in means “YOU ARE ANOTHER ME” or “I AM ANOTHER YOU”. The traditional Mayan interpretation simply means “I am you. You are me.”

You are another me.                                                                                                                                             If I do harm to you.                                                                                                                                            I do harm to myself.                                                                                                                                         if I love and respect you, I love and respect myself.

Similiar to Namaste  – “the light in me honors the light in you”.