3HO Europe – White Tantra – Kundalini Practice

3HO Europe – Healthy, Happy, Holy

I went to 3HO Kundalini yoga event without expectation (as usual) and not knowing what it really is all about (as usual). My motivation for going was to go with my friend that I met in Egypt we did some spiritual practice that really took me deep within myself.

I have a deep passion for spiritual practices from all religion.

I drove from Brest (North of France) to Mur de Sologne in a forest called Domaine de Fondjouan.

Day 1

We camped close to Chateau de Fonjouan on 29th July 2016. I have never camped in my life before, so I was very excited to be surrounded by nature. We set the tent up and it took us 2 minutes to finish the setting it was one of those flip open tents.

Night came soon and the galaxy above us was so near. For the first time, I could see the milky way and satellites without a telescope. I think we saw two space ships that did weird sudden 90-degree turn.

Day 2

People slowly started to arrive. We plan to just eat minimum. I was eating a lot of bananas and some nuts as meals. At night the sky becomes so magical that I did not want to sleep. I was in love with the sky as if there was a whole city above me. Middle of the night I woke up with a big compression around my head someone was holding my head tightly and it was yogi Bhajan, who was holding my head tightly as if this body, this mind no longer belonged to me

Day 3

We all had to take a service position. They needed help in the kitchen with vegetable chopping and washing the vegetables. One beet-root after another I did it for at least 3hours. My red beet-root hands needed a shower. The First cold shower in the open with another woman. That is a new experience, but I did not mind it too much just that it was a bit cold and I had a few too many mosquito bites. In the evening we had our opening ceremony. Gosh, there are so many workshops going on and so many things I have not yet heard of. I will join a singing workshop for a change.

Day 4

Today we start with waking up at 4am by a live band music going around the tents. I did not sleep well as I did not consider camping with 3000 person tent after tent also meant you might be hearing their footstep going by, flashlight shining in, snoring and farting. Still, I was excited what today might be.

What will we do today?

What may we learn?

Whom will I speak?

What will I discover?

Cold early morning head wrapped with turbans seating on the grass with our sheepskins keeping us warm. I’m freezing, but I meditated and chanted in this cold. I can do this and I shall be still and do my best. We finished our practice when the morning sun was rising. I felt as if I have achieved a lot already and it was only 7:30am, time for our tea to keep us warm.

We had so many different workshops, one after another. I loved the choir class the person leading us was just wonderful. I forgot her name; they all have this spiritual name, which is an Indian name. So my mind doesn’t seem to be agreeing on remembering the names that were all so similar. I learn how to take a deep breath when I need to hit a long note or how the shape of my mouth and the muscles of my face changes the tones. I could absolutely feel the muscles in my core while using my voice. What an experience.

Day 5

I started eating even less as onions and garlic were very delicious, but were just too aggressive for my empty stomach. Watermelon in the afternoon was like a treasure to my body. It was like eating a massive fuel. I keep having more and more energy. I woke up 4am without a problem. Continued all day long with workshops where they are also Kundalini yoga practice, dance, mantras, gong bath and at night I would do another round of Sadhana till the sun disappears from sight. I just wanted more and couldn’t stop. I couldn’t help but to wonder and look around.

Why are people here, doing this?

Do they feel high too?

Do they know for what purpose?

Do they also see the higher purpose of doing this?

Are they doing because they have to do this for their teacher training?

Are they seeing what I see?

Do they also see the geometry around?

Do they see colors, energies feel the vibrations?

Have they also become so hyper sensitive to the universe and their own surroundings and their insights?

Am I going crazy? I have never felt so energized, but the same time I have so many questions unanswered and I feel so alone.

I slowed my breath took a deep inhale and exhaled long warm air. I surrendered to my thoughts, I watch and allowed it to jump around. The mind desperately trying to put it into human words. Messages and images showing me my soul’s truth.

The body and mind are given to you to serve the soul. Align yourself with this truth within yourself.


Day 6

White Tantra day.

A sea dressed, filled with the white dress code and head wraps of turbans.

I found my partner, we sat facing each other. Before we started, we had Maha mantra guiding us and after we had Yogi Bhajan on the projector guiding us which mantra (sound) and mudra (hand position) to hold for the next 30 – 60minutes. There is were breaks in between each Kriyas. We started when the sun rised and finished when the sun sets.

The energy at the group level gave me strength to hold my hand up in a position. I could feel when the right of me was moving or the left of me. My eyes were layzor sharp towards the eyes of my partner. My partners face changed, many faces came up, many feelings came up. Whether the feelings were mine, the faces were what I see rather what her past doesn’t matter. I received a certain understanding for myself. Like going through my own Akashic records all the good deeds, bad deeds I have done throughout lifetimes. Seeing my thinking patterns, the blockage of the sunlight from god how my daily lives behavior can improve by taking a different action. Seeing the unity with myself, other and the cosmos. An understanding that may have taken decades to understand or release what may have taken decades to realize. White Tantric Yoga builds your etheric quality to help you address the issues of the earth.

This went on for another 3 days. The experience was as if I took a lot of extracts my body felt so light as if I could fly.

It has been taking me a long time to write this as it has been difficult for me to put this personal experience into words it still is. I believe it is for everyone a very personal experience as we are working on a very deep spiritual level. It is a soul lesson we take away from this experience. Ever since I have been back to the city life I can see the changes in my life. At one point I was making a point of grounding myself as communication with others were getting difficult. I know it is not my time yet and not my duty yet. I look forward to the next event that time will reveal to me right to go. For my soul to go to another deep journey and dance with the cosmos.


May all beings on the Planet live in Peace and Harmony.

Be enlightened that the other human being is you.

Understand through compassion that passion will make you misunderstand. Vibrate on the cosmos and the cosmos will clear your path. When fear and insecurity leave you, truth and spirit will be with you – Yogi Bhajan