Sit with wolves – SOLD

Acrylic 110 x 75cm

Sit with Wolves

It was dark and serene, sitting beside the fire looking at this master piece, I saw her.  I wondered as she was trying to ask me something. She asked me about the fear of darkness, uncertainty and fear of unknown to happen. I fumbled in answering as we all imitate what others do; it gives a sense of security. But is this a type of security? I was speechless. She said to me “you are a wolf

Wolf and you both share wild spirit. You are intellectual creatures, able to sense the unseen. You are loyal, protective for your packs. You are wild and beautiful. You have been hunted and taken captive. Even in captivity, one can see in the eye of a woman, or a wolf, the longing to run free, and the determination that should the opportunity to arise. They will be gone and on their way!

I looked at her but she was gone. I got my inspiration as she was me. I can better understand the power of both light and darkness while I’m sitting in the dark. When I go deep, I always experience a spiritual growth that ultimately leads to fulfillment in life. I suppose as long as it helps us in navigating through society, allowing us to claim a sense of belonging and the ability to do complaints about that same thing, and if you tell them that what you afraid of is right next to you like a ghost waiting for you to eventually see it. We sit next to ghost. Tonight, I realized to create my own wolf pack, my group of women, each with their own unique weirdness and flaws.