Burn It All !

A woman stands, naked, facing the fire. The whole world is burning and yet she is motionless. She stands facing the first fiercely. She, too, is on fire. It is not her body but her soul that is on fire. 

Her life is in flames. All that she imagined she was gone like ashes. Everything she relied on is burning. And yet she has arisen like a phoenix from the ashes. She has been reborn. She has been recast by the furnace into a new woman. 

Her fear has melted away and in its place is a new sense of calm. She is not burned. She is strong and powerful. She has been forged by the fires of her own soul into a new woman.

She is finally able to stand with her shoulders tall knowing she can support herself. She knows now she is strong. She knows she is able to take the heat. She knows that she can survive anything that comes her way. She is no longer a victim of circumstances, but an active participant in her own life.

Keep going, if everything you know to be true about you is a lie. Keep going, if who you are seems to be shredding away painfully. Keep going, if all you see is fear. Keep going, even if it feels your insides are eating your outside. Keep going, even if it feels like all that is left of you is a body, a shell. 

Keep going and know that after all this destruction, there will be new life. Keep going and know that you will find yourself in the flames.