Teaching style

I was trained in alignment based Hatha yoga and Buddhist philosophy. Alignment based yoga is all about precision, stability, safety and also gentleness and surrender. It´s about aligning our bodies in a way that is safe and beneficial for us. Instead of just flowing mindlessly from one pose to the next, how well each pose is done is important. During class, many cues are given in order to access the poses safely and effectively. By paying attention to what exactly our bodies are doing, we become more embodied and present in the moment. Alignment isn´t just about aligning our bones, it is also about aligning with something greater than ourselves. This is where gentleness and surrender come in. To align with the bigger picture, we need to let go of our egos, fears, anxieties or needing to have things work out a certain way and surrender to the intelligence of life instead. 

My alignment based yoga classes are a mixture of vinyasa flows, strong hatha – holding postures longer and meditation. In each class, we explore a different theme, some philosophical concept or a story coming from the yogic tradition. The whole class is accompanied by music, ranging from hindu chants, downtempo to techno. Although the classes are at times challenging, I will lead you through the class with lightness and playfulness, sometimes even making you smile in the midst of difficulty. My aim is to create a whole mind-body-spirit experience for you; a journey which will ultimately take you to a place beyond words or thought. We will strive for alignment and awaken our power within; one breath at a time, one asana at a time. 

Feel free to join one of my regular yoga classes contact jennydeleeuw@gmail.com

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