Seeds of creation

In the presence of an ancient goddess adorned in a Greek robe, carrying a pomegranate or the symbol of the Flower of Life, a profound realization dawns upon me: the path we must embark upon is not always of our own choosing, but rather a journey of learning, growth, and generating transformative energy within the realm of consciousness, where goodbyes bring forth poignant lessons about ourselves

65cm x 85cm Acrylic and Oil

With full presence I See you, I feel you, I read you, with full presence I choose to create love. When I first felt the image while I was doing something mundane in the kitchen, through this song ‘feel‘ I felt overwhelmed, it took me and filled me with confusing tears of the present moment that wrapped me with visions of foreseable future. My self will want to choose different, I keep chasing the feeling to understand the right action so I can manipulate the vision

Once there was nothing to be done, I was left with a burning love around me, on me, carrying me, making me choose to share Love, care, attention, kindness.

Ancient goddess that wears a greek robe carrying a pomegranate or flower of life, coming down to me telling what one path must be done. That is never really our choice what we want, Its all about learning each little lesson and generating a different energy in the bubble of Conciousness. That with each goodbye comes a painful lesson about ourselves.