Jenny De Leeuw, is a powerhouse painter originally from Hong Kong and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, who has returned to her roots in Hong Kong. Surrounded by art from a young age, she has always been a creative force, and her art reflects her unique perspective on the world.

With a strong presence in the art world, Jenny has an impressive collection of private collectors and commissions from companies who are drawn to her dynamic style. Her process is deeply intuitive, tapping into the energy of the people or companies she is painting for. Jenny’s mixed media paintings are rich in texture and depth, with thick layers on canvas that capture the essence of her subjects.

Inspired by the beauty and vulnerability of the human body, Jenny often explores themes of nudity in her paintings. Drawing from the biblical tradition of using nudity as a symbol of purity and vulnerability, she seeks to capture the raw and unfiltered essence of her subjects. Her passion for abstract nudes stems from the belief that they represent the purest form of humanity, as described in the Bible.

Jenny’s personal paintings often explore themes of love and spirituality, with a focus on women and their relationships with others, their surroundings, and God. Her powerful presence and confident style, combined with her unique perspective on the world, make her a captivating figure in the art world.

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